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The Heart of the Matter
Everything we can see, hear, smell, taste, and touch is the result of interactions between our bodies and the physical world. Any relationship we have with other people involves some kind of social interaction with them. History is basically an ongoing story of our collective social interactions. The evolution of every species of life on the planet is the result of long-term, large-scale biological interactions. From grains of sands to galaxies of stars, everything composed of physical matter is the product of emergent interaction. We could even say that everything IS an interaction.


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It’s mind-blowing just trying to think about all that interaction. Fortunately for our minds, our awareness of interactions is limited. The world is full of interactions we don’t perceive because we lack the necessary senses. Even the senses we do have are only sensitive enough to perceive relatively small ranges of interaction. Our direct experiences are poor representations of the wealth of interaction that is always happening all around us.

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We don’t need to get too philosophical about any of this, but we do want to put things in the right context. In a reality that is incomprehensibly interactive, even the things that seem simple are nonetheless infinitely complex. Using simplified terms like patterns and levels and systems requires us to be mindful that these words are deceptively small containers with infinite space inside.